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American League Package

Give patients and Major League Baseball® fans something to get excited about! Dentagrafix® exclusive offering from MLB®.

As the season kicks back into gear, offer patients this exciting addition to their retainers.

Our MLB American League Package includes 25 disks (5 Boston Redsox, 5 Minnesota Twins, 5 New York Yankees, 5 Houston Astros, and 5 Cleveland Indians)

Packages From:

3 Sizes To Choose From

0.030″ Round
Material is 125mm diameter circle, 0.030″ thick thermoforming sheet.

0.040″ Round
Material is 125mm diameter circle, 0.040″ thick thermoforming sheet.

0.040″ Square
Material is 5″ x 5″ square, 0.040” thick thermoforming sheet.