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About us

Ordinary Is Over™
Dentagrafix™ has revolutionized the “clear” retainer/aligner market with the introduction of a proprietary process to manufacture unique and exciting plastics. At Dentagrafix™ we allow patients to personalize their dental appliances with custom designs that bring fun, style and a form of self-expression to products that are generally dull and boring. Dentagrafix™ manufactures and sells FDA compliant, BPA free, decorated, thermoformable plastic sheets for fabricating unique and fun retainers, aligners, mouthguards and other appliances. Differentiate your practice by offering Dentagrafix™ Plastics and bring a sense of self-expression and creativity to products that are otherwise plain and ordinary.

improved results

Research shows that when patients are given an opportunity to personalize their experience they feel a sense of attachment and are more likely to wear their appliances. In addition, clear retainers easily get lost or misplaced. Our fun color and design options make finding the appliance effortless when not being worn, which should limit the need to pay for replacements. Dentagrafix ™ products should help to improve the patient’s results while adding fun, style and a form of self-expression.