Heating times may vary depending on geography, climate, plumbing and other factors. Some designs, particularly those containing black or dark colors may require less time to heat. If graphics become distorted, a reduction in heat time may be needed. When using a MiniSTAR® machine, on occasion, some air may escape from the chamber when cooling. This should not affect the fabrication process or efficacy of the appliance. Below are suggested average heating times in seconds:
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Material Thickness MiniStar® Biostar® Drufomat Erkodent®
With Grafix .040″ 50 seconds 60 seconds 100 seconds 105 seconds
With Grafix .030″ 35 seconds 45 seconds 70 seconds 75 seconds
All Clear .040″ 55 seconds 65 seconds 105 seconds 110 seconds
All Clear .030″ 45 seconds 55 seconds 80 seconds 85 seconds