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Dentagrafix Colorful Retainers

Dentagrafic Designs

Fun, easy to find appliances, packed full of personality!

Dentagrafix® replaces ordinary clear plastic appliances with something fun, exciting, and more personalized. This helps prevent them from getting lost or not worn at all.

It’s your smile. Make it personal.

Why choose boring when there’s a better option? Research shows that when patients are given an opportunity to personalize their appliance, they feel a sense of attachment and are more likely to wear it.

Dentagrafix personalized retainers

More likely to wear. Less likely to lose.

It’s a reality—clear retainers easily get lost or misplaced. Our fun set of color and design options make finding the appliance effortless when not being worn, which should limit the need to pay for replacements, and even help distinguish appliances among family members.

Dentagrafix Custom Retainers

In Their Own Words

“I’m finally able to wear a retainer that expresses who I am. It’s amazing to wear something unique to me.”

Josh S., 15 years old

Personalize Your Retainer With Dentagrafix