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Dentagrafix® is a fun and positive way to differentiate your practice while helping to tackle the all too common problems of sub-optimal patient compliance and lost retainers.

Developed by an Orthodontist

Developed by a Board Certified Orthodontist, the Dentagrafix® material is similar to other clear plastic sheets that are commonly used to make vacuum-formed appliances and can easily be integrated into the normal workflow of any orthodontic office or lab facility with a thermoform machine (e.g., MiniStar, Drufomat, Essix Machine).

Dr. Eric Sacks - Dentagrafix

“I was searching for lab quality retainers with lab quality designs which I can make in my office. Dentagrafix® has solved this for me! They come in a variety of designs and the quality has been outstanding. Over the last year I have been using Dentagrafix® and my patients love them. I have also been using them for phase I retainers with great success!! Thank you Dentagrafix®!!”

Dr. Keith Blankenship, Palm Coast, Florida

Dentagrafic material example

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

The patterned portion is typically placed on the posterior teeth leaving the anterior teeth clear and allowing the appliance to remain inconspicuous while adding an element of expressiveness. For patients who prefer a bolder look, appliances can be made with the graphics covering the anterior teeth by simply rotating the model 180 degrees on the thermoform machine.

Improved Compliance

To make the dental appliance experience more fun and interactive, Dentagrafix® designed a new thermoformable plastic material with integrated graphic designs. These colorful plastics not only empower patients to make positive decisions about their treatment, but also reduce the likelihood of lost appliances.

Orthodontists are challenged to find ways to maintain patient motivation during treatment. The retention phase is particularly dependent upon patient engagement and compliance. By offering Dentagrafix’s fun patterns patients will have a more personal attachment to their orthodontic appliances which will make them more likely to wear and less likely to lose them, improving patient compliance.

Patient with Dentagrafix on retainer

Customize with your practice logo

Email us at [email protected] to inquire about branding Dentagrafix® plastics with your company logo or other custom designs.

Customize Dentagrafix

“I have inserted at least 20 Dentagrafix retainers so far and they have been very well received. In fact, I treat a set of twin sisters. I debonded one sister 3 months ago and gave her our traditional Phase I retainer and the other 2 weeks ago with Dentagrafix retainers. The sister with a traditional Phase 1 retainer complained and was jealous so we scanned her again and made her Dentagrafix retainers as well!”

– Dr. Ed Lin, Orthodontic Specialists Green Bay in De Pere, WI

Dentagrafix® is a fun and positive way to differentiate your practice while helping to tackle the all too common problems of sub-optimal patient compliance and lost retainers.

How to Integrate Dentagrafix Into Your Practice

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“These fun and vibrant Dentagrafix® retainer designs bring a whole new level of fun for our patients. Whether it’s sports themes or paw prints, our patients are so excited to have the chance to show off their retainers. Some of the kids even choose full coverage, including the pattern on their front teeth. Who says all clear is in?”

– Steve Zombek, DMD of Zombek Orthodontics in Weston, FL.

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