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Dentagrafix FAQs2019-06-04T00:24:15+00:00


What is Dentagrafix™?2019-05-27T20:09:00+00:00

Dentagrafix™ sells FDA compliant, BPA free, decorated plastic sheets for thermoforming that are used to fabricate unique, personalized clear retainers, aligners, mouthguards and other dental appliances.

Where is Dentagrafix™ created?2019-05-27T20:10:35+00:00

Dentagrafix ™ Plastics are 100% manufactured in the USA!

Will the designs fade or transfer onto teeth?2019-05-27T20:12:34+00:00

Dentagrafix™ uses a patent pending process to manufacture our plastics which will not transfer, smear or fade over time.

What is the difference between Dentagrafix™ and a regular retainer/aligner/mouth guard?2019-05-27T20:13:28+00:00

Dentagrafix™ takes something that is dull and ordinary and makes it fun, exciting and expressive!

Does Dentagrafix™ last a lifetime?2019-05-27T20:14:32+00:00

Dentagrafix™ appliances will last as long as appliances made with similar clear plastics. Longevity may vary depending on how patients care for appliances and their doctor’s recommendation for use.

How do I care for my Dentagrafix™ appliances?2019-05-27T20:15:16+00:00

Follow your doctor’s instructions on how best to care for your appliances. Dentagrafix ™ plastics act and respond very similarly to other plastics used to make dental appliances and are safe to use with traditional dental appliance cleaners.

How long should I wear my Dentagrafix appliance?2019-05-27T20:15:53+00:00

Please consult your Doctor for how long and often you should wear your Dentagrafix appliance.

What should I do if I lose or break my Dentagrafix ™ appliance?2019-05-27T20:16:31+00:00

If you lose or break your Dentagrafix ™ appliance, please contact your doctor directly.

Can I order a replacement directly through Dentagrafix?2019-05-27T20:17:52+00:00

No. Dentagrafix ™ does not fabricate the appliance itself. We manufacture the plastic that your doctor or laboratory uses to make your appliance. Please contact your doctor or lab directly should you require replacement or additional appliances.

Are there any age restrictions on who can get Dentagrafix™?2019-05-27T20:18:54+00:00

We encourage you to rock your style no matter your age! As long as your doctor determines you are a candidate for retainers, aligners, mouthguards and other “clear” appliances then Dentagrafix ™ is for YOU.

Can I get a custom design?2019-06-20T22:03:50+00:00

Yes. It is possible to custom design Dentagrafix ™ plastics. Please email us at [email protected] to inquire about branding Dentagrafix plastics with your company logo or other custom designs. Some restrictions may apply. Please inquire for details regarding your specific needs.